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Vela gives you the tools to manage your business like never before

Vela gives you the tools to grow your business like never before

Vela gives you the tools to




your business like never before

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Join the 50,000+  sellers that are using Vela today!
Join the 50,000+  sellers that are using Vela today!

User reviews

Join the 50,000+  sellers that are using Vela today!

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Jennifer Akkermans

Vela is such an awesome timesaver- it's a lifesaver when editing a lot of listings! Support was super helpful, quick and efficient in answering my questions when I had one little issue that I couldn't solve on my own. Completely recommend and can't wait to see how Vela continues to evolve!

Nan's Glam

Vela is a great time save for editing my listings. What used to take me approximately two hours to do, now only takes minutes. Love that I can spend more time doing what I enjoy – creating!

Michelle V Custom Leather Jewelry

I just wanted to say again how much I love Vela. I no longer avoid updating my shop as you have turned something I dreaded most days, even though I needed to do it, into a pleasure that takes a fraction of the time. I have much more to do, but Vela has made it so incredibly easy!

Oh! Koey

One of my biggest pet peeves about our shop is the awful listings. We try to revise them as we go along, but there never seems to be enough time. I went on Vela and started working, I actually had to give myself a deadline of when I would stop, I couldn't walk away! :) THANK YOU!!!

Dweebish Delights

We are in the midst of an overhaul on the store, and Vela is helping us with great success. We have pretty much used, or in the process of using each feature of Vela and have yet to be disappointed. Cannot wait to integrate this in with our other stores and cannot wait for Vela to expand to other channels.

Edna Mae

This week I had to make updates to all my listings and was able to do everything in just a few minutes. Vela was AMAZING, and literally saved me HOURS! I am eagerly awaiting the ability to use Vela across every one of my channels.

Crystal Cove Design Studio

Prior to Vela I had been working to update my shop listings for over two months. I was spending 1-2 hours a day just sorting through every listing to see which ones actually needed to be updated, and ended up wasting so much time clicking back and forth between listings that I wasn't making much progress at all. Then, my very first time using Vela, I literally updated all 300+ listings in 30-45 minutes. The amount of time and confusion I saved myself was amazing!

Printable Quotes

Coming from someone who leads a busy life and manages multiple Etsy shops I can only describe Vela as a breath of fresh air. Vela by far the most effective app on the market and I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next.

One Sassy Sister

Vela is the most awesome app I have used for my Etsy shop! It has saved me a ton of time and is so simple to use that anyone can do it- even if they are not computer savvy at all. I have tried other apps to do the same thing and none of them can touch the ease of use, the options and the overall experience that Vela has to offer.

Little Baby Bumblebee

I'm absolutely thrilled with Vela! The ability to quickly and efficiently update my listings has allowed me to work more on the creative end of my business. Vela is intuitive, user-friendly, and the support has been excellent. Vela has allowed me to manage my store faster, simpler, and best of all, more profitable.

Hayden & Grace

Vela has saved me literally hundreds of hours and dollars for that matter! Vela makes it possible for me to enter a message at the top of every single listing to let my customers know my current workload and when they can expect me to ship new purchases which, in turn, increases sales and cuts down on unnecessary emails. Thank you Vela, you've saved me a TON!

The Playful Plate

As the owner of an online business, I find Vela to be the most effective way to manage my multiple, web-based retail stores. Vela takes care of the busy work, allowing me to spend extra time on creating new products and marketing my business.

Risky Beads

Vela is a must for anyone with a large online inventory. I'm able to make site wide changes quickly and easily. It's very intuitive and easy to use as well.

Ever Blooming Originals

I recently started using Vela for managing my Etsy shop and have been so impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the features offered. Vela has saved me countless hours already, and I look forward to a long and successful partnership with Vela. Thank you for such an awesome service!

Less Ordinary Designs

I’ve been selling on Etsy for almost 8 years and Vela is THE most valuable tool I’ve found for running my business. Managing my shop takes a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Vela has given me a chance to dedicate more time to what I really love: Designing stationery and serving my customers!

Horizon Cottage

Sometimes it feels like my life is even more busy now with all the "time saving" technology than it ever was before. Vela is one piece of technology that truly delivers on its promise and helps me attain a healthy work-life balance. It literally shaves hours off of my workday.

Weddings by Leann

Vela is an extraordinary time saving tool to help my business run efficiently and smoothly. Vela handles the tedious aspects of my business and allows me to focus more on my customers and production.

Dream Great Dreams

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! With almost 500 listings trying to update a price is just about impossible without a tool like this one. The interface is simply, well, beautiful is the only way i can describe it. I will for sure be spreading the word, AMAZING!!!


I signed up about a month ago and I am completely blown away by your product! Seriously, I just wanted to say thank you, and what an amazing job you guys are doing! Keep it up :)

Opulent Artisan Crafts

I just wanted to tell you how much Vela has revolutionized my Etsy business. I have been sharing with all of my artisan friends. Thanks again for a wonderful program!!


Vela is amazing! I cannot express how happy I was after I finishing my first editing session with it! The program is lightning fast, accurate and pretty much intuitive. I was able to make changes to 200+ item descriptions in less then a minute! And I did not need any tutorial!

Engrave Me This

I just want to thank you again and again for providing Vela! It's been the greatest asset to managing my three busy shops.

Rachel's Jewelry Shoppe

Hi there! Just wanted to say how much I LOVE the upgraded Vela with the variations option and I also used the replace tool today to change something in all my listings and it was fast and efficient whereas in the past it took quite a while. Awesome job! Great tool! I will be letting people know about it!

Simply Customized

I've already been using Vela a lot and I LOVEEEEE it!! Vela is extremely important to my Etsy business. In fact I'm certain that without it we'd loose revenue because we'd have no way to manage things efficiently. Thanks!!!!


Vela is seriously everything I would want and more in an editing program. Super easy to use and understand, detailed and precise ways to edit, and extremely helpful customer support if you need it!

The Art of Cross Stitch

Wow! Vela is amazing, seriously my eyes pop out like a cartoon. I had to edit over 800 listings recently and i had to do it one by one! It was exhausting.

Eleventh Hour Designs

We currently have 5 Etsy stores with another couple being planned and your program has just saved our bacon. We finished up some much needed editing yesterday that we had been working on for weeks, your program is incredible! With the time it has already saved us, we will be able to have our other stores up and running so much sooner. The fact that we can edit all our stores within the dashboard, with one login is awesome. Thank you again!

Vela helps sellers make more money

A sample of 5,000 shops showed revenue increase by 20%+ after four weeks of signing up for Vela.
New features

Coming soon!

Improve images with a powerful feature-rich photo editor
Merge products from different shops into one entity
Create, edit, and publish new listings for multiple shops
New feature

Coming soon!

Improve images with a powerful feature-rich photo editor
Merge listings from multiple stores to edit details from a single dashboard
Create new listings right within Vela dashboard
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