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The Playful Plate
As the owner of an online business, I find Vela to be the most effective way to manage my multiple ecommerce stores. Vela takes care of the busy work, allowing me to spend extra time on creating new products and marketing my business.
Vela is amazing! It’s so easy to use to do mass updates and now this new copy feature is awesome to copy from etsy to shopify or vice versa. I couldn't ask for anything more!
I only wish I had Vela years ago... It is brilliant, smart and smooth, easy and quick to work with. Already saved me HOURS of work and will save so much more in the future. Can't even think about going back to how I used to work before.
LOVE this app! Just discovered it today and it's already saved us so much time in being able to easily merge and update our Etsy and Shopify listings quickly and easily. Very user-friendly! Definitely recommend!
This week I had to make updates to all my listings and was able to do everything in just a few minutes. Vela was AMAZING, and literally saved me HOURS! I am eagerly awaiting the ability to use Vela across every one of my channels.
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